Saturday Morning Clinic


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Thanking for visiting our website! On this page you will find information about our free Saturday Morning Clinic.

What is Saturday Morning Clinic?

Six Saturdays per year the College of Dentistry offers a free dental clinic for children. Dental students provide cost-free treatment under the supervision of our professors.

Who can attend?

All children between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age can attend.

When is it?

You can start arriving at 7:30am and we will start seeing patients at 9:00am. You do not need an appointment, however we treat the children on a first-come first-serve basis. We can see a maximum of 40 children per Saturday morning. It is recommended you arrive early in order to secure a spot. The dates for this school year are:

Sept 12th

Nov 14th

Dec 12th

Jan 23rd

Feb 13th

Mar 19th

Where is it?

Saturday Morning Clinic takes place on the second floor of the University of Kentucky’s College of Dentistry. Follow the signs around the Hospital. See map and directions.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I arrive early to sign-in, leave and then return before 9am?

In our experience this is a bad idea. We may need you to answer questions or fill out additional paper work. Also, if you are not present when we call the patient, we will have to place the patient at the bottom of the list.

Can I bring a child that is not my own?

One parent or legal guardian MUST be present in order for us to see the child. If you have additional questions or if you want to bring a child that is not under your guardianship, please contact us.

Can I go into the clinic with my child?

The parents have to wait in waiting room while their child is being treated in the clinic. However, there may be occasional exceptions when you will be invited back into the clinic.

My child is 3 years old. Can they be seen as a patient?

Children less than 4 years old generally have trouble controlling their behavior. Since this is often the case, we cannot treat them in our clinic. However, sometimes we can briefly see children less than 4 years old and if we find a problem, we will refer the child to another clinic.

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